Band members appear, left to right, in “The Family Tree” as follows:

Charles Blackburn, Tom Cole, Jimmy Dickerson, Steve Esthimer, and Spence Foscue

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Midnight Golf
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Shotgun Wedding Fan Feedback

“Ive been playing ‘Quiero Mas Dinero’ on my show, The Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot, in Reno, Nevada.  Listeners love it!”

Don Darue, Big Biscuit Broadcasting

“A commendable mixture of the Beatles and Muscle Shoals with just a little Hound Dog Taylor thrown in.”

Dave Evans, Sanford, North Carolina 

“I particularly like ‘Cruise Control’ and would believe it if someone had said it was a David Byrne song. ‘Quiero Mas Dinero’ is the best Texas Tornados song that never was.”—Rick Koster, New Haven, Connecticut (Author of Texas Music and Louisiana Music)

A splendid album ... with elegantly written lyrics whose witty paradoxes sometimes seem almost worthy of the Metaphysical Poets.”—Carl Freedman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Author of Critical Theory and Science Fiction)

“I like the way in many of the songs the various instruments step in and out. I also like that no instrument seems to dominate the music.  Very Grateful Deadish.”—Dan Malone, Walnut Springs, Texas (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist)

“It rocks! I am most impressed with your song-writing.”—Carl Daniel, Dallas, Texas  

Fun stuff and very entertaining.Ken Cooke, Palm Desert, California

You guys have that casual Who Cares? North Carolina aesthetic down pat. I can tell from the lyrics of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ that y’all have a great sense of humor.”Bryan Cumming, Nashville, Tennessee (Co-writer of the 1987 No. 2 Cashbox Independent Country single “I Had A Heart”)

“There’s something for everyone here—a taste of folk, a touch of blues, a twist of swing, and a blast of rock ’n roll—great for listening, dancing, or plain ole toe tapping.”—Theo W. Coonrod, Raleigh, North Carolina 

“Whether it’s the annual back to school picnic or the tradition of Spring Fling, The Cousins always provide the perfect entertainment for any Saint Mary’s party.”—Saint Mary’s School Alumnae Magazine 

“If you enjoy authentic down home voices and subjects with a twist of wry, these are songs for you.”

Margaret Grissom, Youngsville, North Carolina

Shotgun WeddingSong Samples:

Shotgun Wedding (S. Foscue)
S. O. S. (S. Esthimer)
Cruise Control (T. Cole)
Night To Remember (S. Foscue)
I Don’t Wear Gucci Suits (S. Esthimer)
Just Like New York City (J. Dickerson)
One More Night (C. Blackburn)
Friendly Fire (S. Foscue)
Another Level (T. Cole)

Rock 'n' Rye (S. Esthimer)
Bad Side Of Your Love (S. Foscue)
Swing That Possum (S. Esthimer)
Quiero Mas Dinero (T. Cole)


Thirteen original songs that range from rock to country, blues, and beyond.

All songs produced by When Cousins Marry.

Released independently by Dizzy Possum Records in December 2007.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Plymale at Overdub Lane, Durham, N.C.
Cover illustration and The Family Tree drawing by Tom Dunne.

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And that’s not all, folks!  The Cousins have another CD in the works, featuring more memorable original tunes from our live performances, including:

I Got Chased By A Mennonite
Eat It Over The Sink

Face Down In The Bayou

There’s A Song In That

Got My Eye On You
The Angel’s Share
True To The Blues
The Only Place You’ll Find Sympathy (Is In The Dictionary)
Chicken Finger
Vanished Without A Trace
Texas Moon
Brave New World Blues